Triad City Beat / Spencer Brown

"This was the magic of the concert. You could sit in silence and try to think of your own pretentious interpretations of these movements, of what it all meant, but this was a moment of pure artistic expression, one that plucked you out from yourself and thrust you into the artist’s hands."
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Triad City Beat / Joanna Rutter

“The metaphor of migration and identity is very clear in certain parts of Land Bridge — in one memorable section, two male dancers rush at each other, colliding into the other’s shoulder and precariously balancing their weight while slowly rotating — and other sections transcend metaphor, playing with the energies of momentum and falling to communicate ideas as perhaps only dance can."
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Broadway World / Olga El

"Perhaps more enticing, though, was a duet between two petite, cable-bodied women. Simoneau's style reads as movement for experimentation's sake and these dancers delivered with fresh, dynamic energy."
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