Dance View Times / Jamie Townsend

"This staggering of smooth delicacy and frenetic energy evoked a multiplicity of personalities of permutations emanating from a single body, implicating the audience as well as to their expectations of what this piece, at any moment, could be.”
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BAC Stories / Jesse Zaritt

"Helen Simoneau’s work lives decidedly in the realm of dance that seeks to open new spaces of possibility as to how bodies might move through the world."
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Dancers Turn / Melanie Greene

"Simoneau’s dual state, as well as her international presence, situates her work and company–Helen Simoneau Danse–in an interesting state of mindfulness that radiates throughout her work as an artist, performer, and choreographer."
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Explore Dance

“In an unusual moment of complete and untwisted stillness, she sits center stage with a riveting vulnerability, swaying gently with eyes closed. This lasts for a lovely, extended period of time...enhancing a sense of purposeful defenselessness.”
Read More / Anne Mercurio

"Helen Simoneau is a talented dancer and choreographer; her ability to shape movement that invokes imagery is powerful and given time to craft, creates pieces that float beautifully between imagery and purpose."
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