Among the newly familiar

BAC Story/Jess Zarritt
“Helen Simoneau’s work lives decidedly in the realm of dance that seeks to open new spaces of possibility as to how bodies might move through the world.”

Dance and Circumstance
“The dancers were wonderfully idiosyncratic (especially the spritely Ariel Freedman), and the movements were often unexpected and interesting, strung together in ways that made me applaud Simoneau’s ingenuity.”

Program Credits:
5 dancers or 6 dancers
Music by Bruno Billaudeau, Andy Hasenpflug, and Nadia Sirota
Performance by Seve Douglas Foster, Ariel Freedman, Pierre Guilbault, Burr Johnson, Juel D. Lane and Candace Scarborough
Additional Contributors: Ashley Lindsey, Renée Colbert, Michelle Mola

Hanesbrands Theatre (2013) and BAM Fisher (Fishman Space) (2014)