DARLING (work-in-progress)

DARLING explores vulnerability and intimacy through the presence and absence of touch. It seeks to redirect assumptions about the correlations between strength, power, gender, and size.

This evening-length work will premiere March 5-6, 2020 at the Hanesbrands Theatre in Winston-Salem, NC.

Program Credits:
5 dancers
~60 minutes
Performance: Kayla Farrish, Marielis Garcia, Donovan Reed, Carlo Antonio Villanueva, Claire Westby
Original Music: Mary Kouyoumdjian
Dramaturgy: Melanie George
Costume Design: Quinn Czejkowski
Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce
Understudies: Sean Lammer, Wendell Gray
Additional Contributions: Dominica Greene, Burr Johnson, Catie Leasca, Ana Maria Lucacio, Bianca Melidor, Troy Ogilvie, Moscelyne ParkeHarrison