Triad City Beat/Spencer Brown
“This opening night performance also premiered the second movement, entitled “Décalage,” which spotlighted performers Burr Johnson and Catherine Kirk. Holding fast to the power of simple yet ingeniously choreographed form of Simoneau is acclaimed for, “Décalage” pulsed in an enigmatic build-up of the entire concert. The two dancers matched each other in perfection, starting the movement with a stark distance between them and slowly drawing closer together as the piece progressed. The dancers moved with a grace like sea oats just before a storm, beautifully and powerfully touching, drawing forth deep emotion from attendees.”(2017)

The Winston-Salem Journal/Lynn Felder
“The second piece in the program, “Décalage,” another premiere, spotlights the talents of Johnson and Kirk. Kirk’s power and facility are spectacular, and she is a fine match for Johnson, whose exquisite control is as unpretentious as it is breathtaking. His every gesture is perfectly finished with especially refined feet and focus.”(2017)

Program Credits:
2 dancers
15 minutes
Performance by Burr Johnson and Catherine Kirk
Music: David Schulman
Lighting Design: David Ferri
Costume Design: Kathryn Grillo
Apprentice: Dominica Greene