Oregon Artswatch/Heather Wisner

“Seeing this deftly constructed work up close—a mosaic of inventive partnering—is a pleasure, revealing moments that I missed at last year’s debut in Washington Park.” (2018)

Bachtrack/Carla Escoda
The movement was weighty yet light, skimming the ground, apart from sudden breathtaking moments of flight. Bodies stacked to make curves on curves; dancers pulled each other with great daring into sweeping arcs; trios revolved in tight intimacy. Notable in scarlet, Xuan Cheng and Brian Simcoe connected spectacularly and effortlessly, in an almost-playful mood.” (2017)

Program Credits:
10 dancers
12 minutes
Performance: Oregon Ballet Theatre
Original Music by David Schulman

This work was commissioned by Oregon Ballet Theatre for “Choreography XX” and was premiered at the Rose Garden Amphitheatre in Portland, Oregon.