Flight Distance I

Dance View Times
“The opening tableau of “Flight Distance” was an asymmetrical pose of five dancers, a
preview of the satisfying unpredictability of many of the movements and connections of
the piece.” (2009)

Indy Week
“those impressed by the intricacy of Ms. Simoneau’s previous works in the lapsed Acts to Follow series for North Carolina choreographers will note with recognition, and approval the increasing complexity and curiosity in her choreography.” (2009)

Program Credits:
13 minutes
Original Music by Jerome Begin
Additional Music by Michael Wall
This work has been performed by Tammy Carrasco, Hope Davis, Jenna Fakhoury, Lindsay Fisher, HeJin Jang, Catherine Miller, Manelich Minniefee, Philip Montana, Rebekah Pleasant, Adrienne Westwood,  and Jesse Zaritt

Joyce SoHo (2009)