Moonlight Parade (for Two)

Dance View Times/George Jackson
“The duo Moonlight Parade characterizes two female dancers, Farrish and Ariel Freedman, by intertwining and separating their choreographic paths. Farrish’s confidence is as apparent as it was in “Task”, but she summons even more rich muscularity. Freedman is bold, sharp and in a leap shows off her balletic line. The sketchiness, the quick changes of Simoneau’s challenges elicit a camaraderie from the two dancers that is as joyous to watch in the “moonlight” (a round spot of light on the stage floor) as it might be in sunshine.” (2015)

Program Credits:
13 minutes
Performance: Kayla Farrish and Ariel Freedman
Understudies: Meg Weeks, Hannah Darrah
Additional Contributors: Savannah Spratt, Hannah Marr, Dominica Greene, Kimberly Fulmer, Kellyn Thornburg, and Springboard Danse Montréal 2014 cast
Rehearsal Assistant: Blakeney Bullock
Original Music: Andy Hasenpflug and Michael Wall
Costume Design: Kathryn Grillo