Object Loop

OBJECT LOOP integrates dance performance, live music, and projection artistry in a collaboration with indie-rock group Must be the Holy Ghost and projection artist Evan Hawkins

Triad City Beat/Spencer Brown
“This was the magic of the concert. You could sit in silence and try to think of your own pretentious interpretations of these movements, of what it all meant, but this was a moment of pure artistic expression, one that plucked you out from yourself and thrust you into the artist’s hands.”(2017)

The Winston-Salem Journal/Lynn Felder
“Fresh and immediate, “Object Loop” is a thrilling addition to choreographer Simoneau’s repertoire”(2017)

Program Credits:
6 dancers
30 minutes
Performance by Hannah Darrah, Kayla Farrish, Jasmine Hearn, Burr Johnson, Catherine Kirk, and Elijah Laurant
Music: Must be the Holy Ghost
Projection: Evan Hawkins
Lighting Design: David Ferri
Costume Design: Kaitlin Fara Smith
Apprentice: Dominica Greene