Paper Wings

Winston-Salem Journal
“Simoneau has put these dancers in “a woman’s uniform,” in part to show how powerfully individuals can express themselves even within the constraints of how others have defined them. The contrast of the “uniform” with the diverse expression of movement is clear and effective.”

Dance and Circumstance
“[Paper Wings] started strong: the stage slowly lit up to reveal a grid of women stepping forward and back, hips shoved out, shoulders back, as if aggressively introducing themselves to the audience. For all the intricate and well-executed dancing in the piece , it was the simplest moments that resonated most.” (2014)

Program Credits:
19 Dancers, 14 dancer, or 10 dancers
23 minutes
Music by Andy Hasenpflug, John C. B. Wilson, and Harry Warren/Mack Gordon sung by Vera Lynn
Costume Design by John Brickman
This work has been performed by the students of the American Dance Festival 2012, Stella Almblade, Kyoko Ruch, Jasmine Hearn, Maggie Knickerbocker, Candace Scarborough, Morgan Wallace, Renée Colbert, Hannah Darrah, Rebekah Downing, Breanne Horne, Lindsay Leonard, Jenn Shinn, Meg Weeks, Adriana Uruena, Chu Hua Wang, and Zoe Warshaw.

American Dance Festival Footprints (2012)