The Task of Doing

 Washington Post / Rebecca Ritzel
“Young Canadian choreographer brings promising works to Dance Place” (2015)

 Dance View Times / George Jackson
“There are vectors every which way almost at once. The overall action is moderately busy and the results are portraits of dancers, of people who move, of individuals in flux” (2015)

Program Credits:
37 minutes
Performance: Hannah Darrah, Kayla Farrish, Burr Johnson, Miles Yeung
Apprentice: Sarah Ingel
Additional Contributors: HeJin Jang, JE Kim, Juel D. Lane, and Dawn Springer
Rehearsal Assistant: Blakeney Bullock
Original Music: Eric Schwartz
Three Pieces for String Quartet:
The Lithium Tango, Thunk!…A Ghost Story, Une Sauterelle d’Enfer
Additional Sound: John C. B. Wilson
Set Pieces: Jennifer O’Kelly
Costume Design: Kathryn Grillo